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Message From Administrator Smith Concerning Drinking Water Report

March 28, 2017

    Citizens of Mingo Junction, I would like to take this opportunity to explain to Village residents on why the latest EPA violation concerning trihalomethanes is a red herring. Back in August of 2016, the Village was strapped with a test result that was excessively high. The reading was 158 parts per billion (ug/l). The maximum allowable contaminate level as set by the EPA is 80 ug/l. This reading occurred in one area of the Village and was immediately rectified. Since that time, the Village has not observed a reading over the 80 ug/l (MCL) threshold. This is where the “red herring” comes into play. The methodology employed by the EPA is a running average of 4 data points, the most recent test and the prior three test results are averaged together to achieve the final TTHM level. Since that reading in August, the Village has not exceeded the 80 ug/l, but the average has exceeded the MCL. These readings are taken quarterly, so one can see that by employing a rolling average of 4 sample results, the final results can indicate a violation for a whole year, yet in reality there was only one violation during that time period. The latest sample result taken in February of 2017 indicated a level of 46.4 ug/l, which is 34.6 ug/l less than the MCL for TTHM, yet when taken as an average, the Village was 2ug/l over the MCL.

I want to ensure the people of this Village that they are receiving safe, clean drinking water and I want to compliment the staff at the water treatment plant for taking swift, corrective action when confronted with this issue.


Bob Smith, Village Administrator.      

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