Water Department Office


Denise Bennington
Water Department Clerk

Phone: 1.740.535.1072

Fax: 1.740.535.2058

Sophie Schoolcraft

Phone: 1.740.535.1072

Fax: 1.740.535.2058

Stephen G. Maguschak
Village Administrator
Fax: 1.740.535.2058

James Zorbini
Water Superintendent
Phone: 1.740.535.9162

Fax: 1.740.535.2058


Welcome to Mingo Junction Water Department Online!

The Mingo Junction Water Department is ran by the Village Administrator. Citizens may pay their water bills at the Mingo Junction Municipal Building:

Water Department Office
501 Commerical Street
Mingo Junction, OH, 43938

Office Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
(Employees on lunch from 12:30 to

Payment Information:
Citizens are required to bring their water bill with them when making payments. A charge can be placed on one who requires the department to make them a new bill. For the convenience of the public, A payment deposit box is located on the front of the municipal building for quick and easy payments.

Accepted Payment Types:
The Water Department accepts cash, credit cards, and debit cards.

Penalty for Unpaid Bills:
The Mingo Junction Water Department reserves the right to shut off the connection and supply of water to any home that has not paid their bills. Fees may be applied to any citizen who has a late bill or requires reconnection of service.

Any complaints about the Water Department Office, Plant, or Services provided by the Water Department may be addressed to the Village Administrator.