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Mingo Junction Clerical Resource Center

clerical resources tutorial

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Clerical Resource Center

Hello and Welcome to the Mingo Junction Clerical Resource Center tutorial! This page was designed to provide tutorial assistance for users of the Mingo Junction CRC tools and e-collaboration functions.

What is the CRC?
The Clerical Resource Center is a program that started in August 2018. The Clerical Resource Center provides clerical and administrative assistance to village employees and users who are appointed access to Mingo Junction's online tools. (Almost like having a personal assistant in your pocket) Users may use our line of support, software, applications or place processing requests via our "Employee Resources" tab.

Accessing My Services
To access your services provided by the Clerical Resource Center, You should have been provided with CRC Form MGJ-001. This form contains the account information you will need to access your services. If you have not been provided with this form, do not fret! You can apply for an account by clicking here.

Village e-mail system
Our email system is provided for our users to have open communications with the public and with each other.

- Video Tutorial: Logging Into Your Email Account
legacy village e-mail system - bravenet
In September 2018, The village officially switched from our old email server Bravenet to our new email server Yandex Connect. Although we no longer support the old system, This section provides information and help related to the old system. Any accounts created from 09/01/2018 or later do not have legacy email access.-

- Video Tutorial: Logging Into Legacy Accounts and Requesting File Transfers
Yandex Disk
Our electronic cloud based storage system. The Village provides it's users with 10 GB of cloud based storage so users may carry their work with them when needed. Our system is available via computer or mobile application and has file sharing capabilities.
Yamb Messenger
For when email isn't fast enough, Yamb messenger is an internal messaging system for our users. Yamb may be used via desktop or mobile phone and allows quick instant messaging between users.
Yandex Connect
Yandex Connect is an online portal where a user may access their email, village directory, Yamb messenger, and disk accounts all in one place.