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Office of Administrator, Robert Smith

Administrator, Robert Smith

The position of Village Administrator was created and passed by the Mingo Council on August 8th, 1991. The administrator manages, conducts, and controls the service department, water works, sewage treatment and any other public utilities provided by the municipality. He supervises the improvement and repair of streets, alleys, lands, bridges, viaducts, sidewalks, sewers, drains, ditches, culverts, channels and streams as well as the lighting, sprinkling, cleaning of all streets, alleys and public buildings and places. He appoints officers, employees, agents, clerks and assistants upon approval of the mayor.

Administrative Dept - Building Permits

The Office of the Village Administrator processes and issues the Official Village Building permits..

Recreation Dept - Shelter house & village hall rentals

The Office of the Village Administrator processes the rental of shelter houses and the municipal hall.