Village Administrator

About the Village Administrator

Darrin Corrigan

The position of Village Administrator was created and passed by the Mingo Junction Village Council on August 8th, 1991. The Administrator manages, conducts, and controls the service department, water works, sewage treatment and any other public utilities provided by the municipality. He supervises the improvement and repair of streets, alleys, lands, bridges, viaducts, sidewalks, sewers, drains, ditches, culverts, channels and streams as well as the lighting, sprinkling, cleaning of all streets, alleys and public buildings and places. He appoints officers, employees, agents, clerks and assistants upon approval of the mayor.

The Village Administrator is Chief Administrative Officer to the Village of Mingo Junction. Darrin Corrigan currently serves the Village of Mingo Junction as Village Administrator in a part-time capacity. 

1.740.535.1263 (Office)

Administrative Assistant

Kim Leas

Kim Leas is the Assistant to the Village Administrator and the Mayor. She operates the Administrator's Office on a daily basis and is the custodian of records for Oakland Cemetery. Kim manages the Mingo Junction Municipal Building Facebook page and issues all municipal permits and licenses. 

Email Assistant, Kim Leas
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1.740.535.1263 (Office)

Village Building Permits

The Village of Mingo Junction requires citizens to acquire a building permit when performing any construction project within the village limits. The fees for a building permit issued by the Village are as follows:

Demolition Permits 

Prior to the demolition of any building or structure within the Village a permit for said demolition shall be obtained from the Village Administrator's office. The fees for demolition are as follows:

Residential Structures

Demolition of any accessory structure without a foundation and with a demolition cost not to exceed $500.00Demolition Fee: $10.00

Demolition of any structure with a foundation or with a demolition cost in excess of $500.00.Demolition Fee: $50.00

Commercial or Industrial Structures

Demolition Cost: $50.00 

under $1,000,000

$1,000,000 to $5,000,000

$500,000 and up

1% of the demolition cost

$10000.00 + 0.5% of the demolition cost above $1,000,000.

$30000.00 + 0.25% of the demolition cost above $5,000,000.

Any structure which is both a residential and commercial/industrial structure shall be considered a commercial/industrial structure.