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Department of Water & Distribution

The Water Department

The Mingo Junction Water Department is under the jurisdiction of Bob Smith, Village Administrator. It is managed by George Stoddart, Water Superintendent. Citizens may access their account information, pay their bills, or receive assistance on troubleshooting concerning water service at the Water Office located in the municipal building.

Companies whom are interested in purchasing bulk water may create an agreement by contacting the Village Administrator's Office.

Payment Information: Citizens are required to bring their water bill with them when making payments. A charge (determined by the Village Administrator) can be placed on a citizen who required the department to make them a new water bill. Two payment deposit boxes exist for customers whom wish to pay after hours.

Indoor Deposit Box: Located in the door of the Water Office. Lift up the gold bar and drop your deposit in.

Outdoor Deposit Box: Located outside the municipal building on the front porch. Lift up the silver bar and drop your deposit in.

Tampering with a Village Deposit Box is a criminal charge and will be handled by the Mingo Junction Police Department. The Village of Mingo Junction excepts the following forms of payment: Cash, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards.

The Village of Mingo Junction reserves the right to shut off the connection and supply of water to any residence or business whom has not paid their bills. Fees may be applied to any citizen who has a late bill or requires re-connection of service.

Clerk of water, denise bennington

Denise Bennington is the Clerk of Water. She maintains all payments, billing, data entry, and maintenance of citizen accounts.

Annual Drinking Water Reports

Click a link below to view or download it's contents. Our reports are in PDF format. Should you require a different document format, please contact the Mingo Clerical Resource Center.

2018 Annual Drinking Water Report
2017 Annual Drinking Water Report

2016 Annual Drinking Water Report