Craig Allen

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Attn:Β  Village Solicitor
Craig Allen
Village Solicitor's Office
501 Commercial Street
Mingo Junction, OH 43938

Solicitor's Office


About the Village Solicitor

The Village Solicitor plays a crucial role in ensuring legal compliance and representing the interests of the community. With a focus on municipal law and a deep commitment to serving the village, the Village Solicitor is a key figure in navigating the complex legal landscape that impacts everyday life in Mingo Junction.

From drafting legal documents to advising village officials on important matters, the Village Solicitor is a trusted legal advisor who upholds the law and safeguards the best interests of the village. Their expertise in local government law and their ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders make them an invaluable asset to the community.

The Mingo Junction Village Solicitor is more than just a legal professional; they are a dedicated advocate for the village and its residents. By staying abreast of legal developments, attending meetings, and providing sound legal guidance, the Village Solicitor plays a vital role in ensuring that the village operates smoothly and in accordance with the law.