Mingo Junction Municipal Building
501 Commercial Street
Mingo Junction, OH, 43938


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Mingo Junction, OHIO

Mayor, Judy Ruckman
Administrator, Darrin Corrigan

Welcome you to Mingo Junction, OH

We would personally like to welcome everyone to the Village of Mingo Junction and our web site. There is plenty of information available on the site concerning operations, important dates and who and how to contact village representatives. You can also check our newsletter for breaking news about the village and our various departments. If you can not locate the information you are searching for, please contact our office for assistance.

Everyone is aware that the village has faced some difficulty for the past several years. Needless to say, the economy has not gotten any better. But, We believe the village has become more accountable and careful how we spend the public's money. We have streamlined our departments and cut costs through honest and continued talks with our employees. Some of our union employees have sacrificed greatly to continue operations to provide services to our residents. We are extremely proud of the work our employees do and the service they provide. We are also proud of our hard working village council members. They have made some difficult decisions and have put in countless hours to provide the best services we can afford. We know that our services aren't what they were prior to 2010, but we are making every effort to get back what we have lost.

We still believe that the village can be profitable by diversifying our revenues and making what we have marketable to investors. As the national economy improves we have to prepare locally to market our assets so that new industry and business will find it beneficial to locate here. Mingo Junction is not an island, we have to work together with neighboring townships, villages, and cities to progress. We maintain open lines of communication with elected officials throughout the county and state in the hopes that a regionalized effort will benefit all of us.

We welcome all to come pay us a visit, whether you are a business or family trying to find a place to call home and to relocate to, come to the village and see if you can become part of our family here in the Village of Mingo Junction.

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