John McDonald


Attn:Β  Treasurer
John McDonald
Village Treasurer's Office
501 Commercial Street
Mingo Junction, OH 43938

About the Treasurer

John McDonald was elected to the position of Village Treasurer on January 1st, 2022. He is the successor of previous Treasurer, Sophie Schoolcraft.

Duties of the Treasurer

One of the critical responsibilities of the Village Treasurer is to oversee the collection and management of various sources of revenue for the village. This includes demanding and receiving taxes levied and assessments certified by the Village Council and placed on the tax list for collection by the county auditor. Additionally, the Village Treasurer is in charge of collecting moneys accruing to the village from judgments, fines, penalties, forfeitures, licenses, costs taxed, and debts owed to the village.

By working closely with the county treasurer, the Village Treasurer ensures that all revenues due to the village are received and properly recorded. This involves liaising with individuals authorized to collect payments on behalf of the village and ensuring that all financial obligations are met in a timely manner. The Village Treasurer's role in managing these diverse revenue streams is crucial to the financial health and stability of the village.

Through meticulous record-keeping and financial oversight, the Village Treasurer plays a key role in maintaining the village's fiscal integrity and transparency. By diligently tracking and managing village revenues, the Village Treasurer helps to fund essential services, infrastructure projects, and community initiatives that benefit all residents.